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Cambridge carpet cleaning service
Cambridge Carpet Cleaning

Our Cambridge carpet cleaning services covers Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Carpet cleaning prices start from just £15.00. Skyline Cleaning offer a upholstery and carpet cleaning services for Cambridge at prices that will amaze you. We have a state of the art hot water injection extraction machine that is powerful enough to clean deep down. It will remove all of the dirt and grime that’s been trodden in, especially in the high volume areas. It will also remove those stubborn stain and it will also deodorize your carpets leaving them looking great and smelling fresh. The powerful vacuumed will remove most of the water leaving drying time to a minimum.

We work around you. You choose when you need to have them done and this includes working throughout the night or at weekends at no extra cost. Cambridge carpet cleaning prices start from £15.00 for a small bathroom or hallway, so you do not have to have a vast area done at once. Or you may just want to have those high volume traffic areas cleaned. Get in contact with us today and arrange for a free no obligation quote. You’ll be surprised at how little it cost to prolong the life of your carpets.

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What is The Process For Carpet Cleaning?

3 Easy Steps To Carpet Cleaning

1 Vacuum – First we give the carpet a thorough vacuum. Making sure the carpet is clear of any debris or hair.

2 Pretreat – Next we pre treat any stains and high traffic areas. Concentrate on the walk ways.

3 Get Cleaning – Now it is time for the cleaning. We start from the furthest corner of the room and work our way out.

Of course this is a brief outline of what we do. These are the basic steps we follow to ensure a thorough carpet clean.

We start with vacuuming. Even if the carpet has already been vacuumed, we will still do it. Before we start carpet cleaning we want to make sure the carpets are free from debris and hair. We’ll also make sure the edges are vacuumed. Getting to those awkward corners and around the door frames.

Then We’ll pre treat and areas we think needs extra attention. Not only any stains but also the high traffic areas. This way we can make sure the best results are achieved.

Now it is time for the carpet cleaning. We start at the furthest corner of the room. Then we methodically work are way out of the room. If there is furniture in the room we’ll move this around as we work. Of course this may not always be possible or practical. In this case we will work round the furniture.

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Lounge carpet cleaning - Cambridge carpet cleaning
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Pet Odour And Stain Removal

We love our pets. They can make a home. But as much as we love them. We may not be so keen on the mess they can leave. As lovable as they are, accidents do happen. As part of our Cambridge carpet cleaning service, we offer a pet odour and stain removal service. The treatment we use will help to remove those accidental stains left by our fury friends. We use a special pre-treatment method. It penetrates deep down to help remove stains and odours. We will then go over the area with our carpet cleaning equipment to make sure any chemicals, stain and odours are removed. This service may be especially useful if you moving out of a property and need our Cambridge carpet cleaning service as part of an end of tenancy clean. If you have any questions regarding this. Please feel free to contact us and we can advise you.

Carpet cleaning as part of an end of tenancy?

If you are a tenant then having your carpets cleaned is especially important. We have designed our Cambridge carpet cleaning service to make sure you have the maximum chance of getting your deposit returned. In general (please check with your letting agent or landlord. Each agency or landlord can be different). If you have rented a property for more that twelve months you may be required to have the carpets cleaned. If you have pets then you may be required to have the carpets cleaned not matter how long you have rented the property. Always check the terms of your tenancy agreement to be sure. You can have our Cambridge carpet cleaning as either a stand alone service. Or part of our end of tenancy cleaning package. To find out what’s include just go to out end of tenancy cleaning page.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services For Cambridge

Commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial premises are typically busy places that can often be overlooked. However, commercial carpet cleaning is crucial for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is often where your customers will visit, so you will want to ensure that they have a great first impression. Employing a good commercial carpet cleaning service in Cambridge is a simple yet effective way to achieve this. You can be confident that when your customers visit, they will be presented with an environment that is clean, fresh, and smells great.

Secondly, you’ll want a work environment that is clean, fresh, and sanitized for both you and your employees. That is why our commercial carpet cleaning services in Cambridge have been designed to work with you. We can work around your daily schedule, and carpet cleaning during the evening or at the weekend is all part of our service.

Looking For More Information About Cambridge Carpet Cleaning?

We hope that we have addressed all your concerns regarding the carpet cleaning services offered by Skyline Cleaning in Cambridge. However, we do not want to overwhelm you with too much information. If you have any queries, require further details, or wish to make a reservation, feel free to contact us by phone or by filling out the contact form.

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