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About Us

Here is just a little bit about us. We at Skyline Cleaning have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years. With experience of cleaning in various industries, from office cleaning to commercial premises and retail.

This gave us the experience of working to tight deadlines whilst making sure customers got the service they deserved.

Then, around ten years ago an opportunity came up for us to do a clean for someone who was moving from a rental property. Back then we didn’t really venture into domestic cleaning. We thought our future was in commercial contract cleaning.

It was at this point we found our niche. That little end of tenancy cleaning job we did helped that person immensely. At the time we didn’t realise it but we took away a lot of stress for this customer. It actually help them get their deposit back.

The contrast to the commercial cleaning environment we had been in was worlds apart. It was at this point we decided to consecrate on end of tenancy cleaning. We had finally found our niche.

Fine Tuning Our Service

It took us several jobs to refine our end of tenancy cleaning service. We knew we wanted to specialise in this area of cleaning. As each job passed we realised exactly what a tenant wanted as well as a landlord and a letting agent. The information we learnt along the way was invaluable. We knew was the foundation of the first class service we wanted to provide. It would enable us to provide an end of tenancy cleaning service that not only left a property clean. It would also help tenants get their deposits back.

Our service would also give letting agents and landlord the piece of mind know their property have been professionally cleaned. Leaving it ready for the next tenant.